Why shop with LA'Ton Designs?

All items on our website helps to strengthen awareness, creativity and spirituality. Our waist beads and anklets are all made to order and made specifically for you. I absolutely love to create these pieces of jewelry and I strive for satisfaction at the end of completing my items. 

Are waist beads adjustable?

Yes, the tie-on (permanent waist beads which come on a cloth string and measure between 45"-50" inches, can be adjusted to the desired size. 

No, the Elastic beads which are made with a clasp and plastic/elastic string, require a waist measurement size when purchasing and are not adjustable.

What is the meaning of waist beads?

Waist beads in Ghanian culture are a mark of womanhood. They are used as adornment for women's bodies and decoration. Traditionally the beads would be worn under a women's clothing and left to be seen by her partner. Today waist beads are used as fashion and come in many different colors, shapes, and finishes. The waist beads also help with maintaining a woman's shape. In Ghana woman begin wearing waist beads from childhood, and they act as a natural waist shaper to keep the shape of the hips and waist in proportion. Waist beads can also to used to track weight gain or loss, the tighter your beads become the more weight you're gaining, and your beads dropping is a result of losing weight.

How many strands do I get with each order?

Waist beads are all sold as single strands unless you buy a "Mystery Waist bead Box."

How do I contact someone at LA'Ton Designs?            

You can send an email to laton.designs@gmail.com. For less serious inquires you can send us a DM on Instagram @laj_sophisticated

What are my waist beads for?

Waist beads are used for various reasons but why they are worn depends on the receivers intended purpose to put them on their body.

How do I put on my waist beads?

You tie waist beads on to your body using one side of the string and adjust them to where you would like them to sit on your body then tie the other string together. (Instructions Included with purchase)

How do I remove my waist beads?

Use scissors to remove the waist beads off your body. If you cut the bead in the same place that you tied them you will be able to retie them on your body

Will my waist beads fit my body size?

Yes. All waist beads are meant to fit any body types.. Please request if you need them to extend 50 inches

How many waist beads should I wear?

You can wear as many waist beads as you would like depending on your intended purpose to put them on your body.

What happens when my waist beads break?

It is natural for your waist beads to break off your body. Do not panic. You can try to save the beads to tie them back together or you may have to purchase a new one. Please be careful when attaching your beads unto your body and be mindful when they are on your body to prevent them from breaking off easily

Can I wear my waist beads in the shower?

Yes, you can wear waist beads in the shower and also while exercising however excessive water can weaken the string over time but they will still be durable. Also please be mindful that excess water can also change the color of the beads depending on which bead is worn on your body.

Will my waist beads help me lose weight?

Waist beads do help with weight loss and tracking your progress. The beads fall lower on your waist as you shed inches and pounds so you can visible see your weight loss. Waist beads roll higher on your waist when as you gain weight.

Waist beads can help with body shaping. Some African women wear them as a body shaping tool to shift their weight to their hips and buttocks to appear more shapely.

Who invented waist beads?

Waist beads have been a part of tradition for African women however many believe this tradition originated from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria.

Are waist beads only for African Women?

No, Any woman can wear waist beads

How long does shipping take?

To process your order will take 3-5 business days in addition to standard shipping times. Which could be an additional 5-7 days, unless your pay to upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority Mail.

Can I exchange my order?

No orders are allowed to be exchanged.

Can I get a refund?

There is a no refund policy for (Waist beads, anklets and drink covers) however if you do not receive your item(s) after 30 business days from when you placed an order you may receive a refund.